The Russian 201st military base in Tajikistan is waiting for the replenishment of the fleet of armored vehicles. The units stationed there will receive modernized BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicles. Their powerful armament system radically increases the firepower of motorized riflemen. They will be able to hit all types of targets at long distances. Experts note that the machine is well adapted to operate in the hot local climate. Recently, Russia has been intensively re-equipping the 201st base against the background of the changing situation in Afghanistan.

Came to “Berezhok”

A new modification of the BMP-2M equipped with the Berezhok combat module will be sent to Tajikistan, sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia. This Russian development will significantly increase the firepower of motorized riflemen serving in the troubled region.

On September 15, Dushanbe hosted a summit of the heads of the foreign ministries and defense ministries of the CSTO member states, at which one of the central topics of discussion was the situation in Afghanistan, control over which was established by the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). The meeting participants paid special attention to strengthening the Tajik-Afghan border.

The 201st military base in Tajikistan is a key element of the Russian military presence in Central Asia. The units deployed on it are preparing at any time to cover the border with Afghanistan or to promptly respond to the destabilization of the situation in the region. In recent months, the personnel of the 201st base have been continuously conducting exercises in which they practice various types of combat operations. In general, last summer and early autumn, a record number of joint maneuvers took place in the Central Asian region, which were carried out by ground forces and the Aerospace Forces together with the armies of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Introduced into service in 1980, the BMP-2 was one of the most massive combat vehicles and for many decades remained the main “workhorse” of Soviet and then Russian motorized riflemen.… Several thousand samples are still in service in the troops. Taking into account several developed options for improvement, the potential of the “two” is considered not fully exhausted. The BMP-2M project with the “Berezhok” combat module is a deep modernization with the replacement of not only instruments and weapons complex, but also practically all major systems. The car received a new turbocharged diesel engine UTD-23 with a capacity of 400 hp, reinforced suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers with increased energy intensity.

Photo: TASS / Sergey Fadeichev

The modernized BMP-2M is equipped with a modern digital radio station R-168 “Aqueduct”, new observation devices and an aiming system.

The combat module “Berezhok” makes the updated “two” one of the most powerful combat vehicles in its class in terms of firepower capabilities. It is equipped with a 30-mm automatic cannon, a 7.62-mm machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher that can shoot along a hinged trajectory and reach the enemy in cover. And the most deadly weapon of the modernized BMP-2M is the four launchers of the Kornet anti-tank complex mounted on the tower. Its laser-guided missiles are guaranteed to penetrate any modern armored vehicles at a distance of up to 10 km.

The BMP-2M with the “Berezhok” combat module is equipped with a modern fire control system, a thermal imaging sight;– Military expert Alexei Khlopotov told Izvestia. – Due to these missiles and the use of an automatic grenade launcher as part of the armament complex, the combat vehicle’s fire capabilities have significantly increased. At the same time, the crew training system has not changed dramatically, the vehicle is easy to learn.

The expert noted that modern Russian technology was developed taking into account the most varied weather and climatic conditions and is capable of operating effectively even at extremely high temperatures.

Central Asian outpost

Since the early 1990s, the 201st Motorized Rifle Division, stationed in Tajikistan, has provided security for Russia’s southern borders in the region.… The Russian military covered the border with Afghanistan, guarded important facilities, and trained specialists for the Tajik army. In 2004, the 201st military base was created on the basis of the compound. Now it is located in two cities of Tajikistan – Dushanbe and Bokhtar. It includes motorized rifle, tank, artillery, reconnaissance formations, as well as communications, air defense, radiation, chemical and biological defense units. According to bilateral agreements between Russia and Tajikistan, the base can be located in the republic until at least 2042.


Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

In recent years, the 201st WB has begun to strengthen. Since 2015, new weapons have been supplied there. The motorized rifle units received new armored personnel carriers BTR-82A with increased firepower, modernized infantry fighting vehicles.

Artillery group received long-range 220-mm MLRS “Uragan”… It also includes Gvozdika 122-mm self-propelled artillery mounts and ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns mounted in the Urals.

The base is covered from the air with the S-300PS long-range anti-aircraft missile system. In addition, it has a mixed helicopter squadron with Mi-24P attack and Mi-8MTV5-1 military transport squadrons. Motorized riflemen to combat drones and small air targets received new portable systems “Verba”.

Particular attention is paid to small arms. The personnel have long been armed with modern versions of the AK-12 Kalashnikov assault rifle, 12.7-mm ASVK-M sniper rifles, Yarygin pistols, and improved rocket-propelled flamethrowers. This year, the units also received a batch of modern portable anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) “Kornet”.

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