Cry for justice at the funeral of a girl
Relatives and neighbors gave the last goodbye to Adrelis Tapia Ojeda, killed in a confrontation between gangs in Moca.

Mocha. Dejected and full of helplessness, relatives and neighbors who cried inconsolably as they carried the remains of Adrelis Tapia Ojeda to the community cemetery, clamored for justice.

Adrelis, who lived with his parents on José María Rodríguez Street in the Moca municipality, died in the middle of a shootout between rival gangs that were allegedly fighting a drug point. Their relatives clamored for justice, but they have very little hope, since they assure that the antisocials walk along the roads as owners and gentlemen, going unnoticed by the authorities, who said “they are playing dumb.” While they assure that the Moca neighborhoods are impenetrable for the police, they question what kind of relationship exists between agents and antisocials, especially where the incident occurred, a way that gives access to the unruly neighborhood Sal si Podemos. “It is worrying that a patrol has not been seen throughout the sector, and names of those responsible have been made up on social networks,” said Johana Méndez, the victim’s cousin.


The mother of the murdered girl, Yinet Ojeda, said that it is even shameful to think that the police assigned to the Moca detachment are corrupt, but every time a blood event occurs, they fear going to the neighborhoods to investigate and give support to the relatives. .

Ramona Iciano assures that almost two decades ago she left the neighborhood where the event occurred, for fear of the armed groups that disputed her control, condemning that to date, rather than dismantling themselves, they have gained more strength and have the citizens in distress , while the authorities remain indifferent, despite the fact that they are called to protect them. They say that the joyous triggers are reinforced by people who are dedicated to the underworld and come from other parts of the country.

The thing about the girl Adrelis is not a unique case

The death of seven-year-old Adrelis Tapia Ojeda, while finishing a task at a neighbor’s house last Monday, has aroused fear in the community, where it is not the first time that an event like this has been recorded. Such was the case of the minor Derek Tejada, 13, who dreamed of being a baseball player but died in the middle of a shooting between gangs.

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