Cuban volleyball player Raúl Vilches dies in Colombia

Raúl Vilches, former Cuban volleyball player. Photo: JIT.

The Cuban Volleyball Federation expressed its regret on Thursday for the death of the former player Raúl Vilches, a cancer victim.

The tall two-meter tall attacker was a member of the Cuban national team for 18 years, with which he He won the bronze medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

His outstanding service record also highlights his participation in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, as well as in four world championships and two world cups.

On several occasions he was a medalist in Pan American games, including titles in the editions of Mexico 1975 and San Juan 1979, and silver metals in Caracas 1983 and Indianapolis 1987.

Following his retirement from active sport, this affable and chivalrous player worked as a coach for the national youth and senior teams.

He lived in Colombia since 1998, where he died after several weeks of hospitalization.. He maintained ties with the Cuban Volleyball Federation, its collective of athletes, coaches and sports glories.

The Cuban Volleyball Federation has expressed its deepest condolences to family and friends.

(With information from JIT)

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