Cubans criticize Transtur for buying cars for tourism

MIAMI, United States. – The Grupo Empresarial Transtur SA announced on Wednesday the arrival of 800 new cars for tourism in Cuba, a fact that has generated numerous criticisms on social networks.

The company showed in Facebook images of the cars after arriving at the port of Havana. Some of the vehicles belonged to the Korean manufacturer Hyundai.

“There is no better way to celebrate the 41st anniversary than to welcome new, modern, and comfortable 0 km cars. Very soon available to our customers in car rental throughout Cuba, “said Transtur.

(Screenshot / Facebook)

The publication was widely questioned on the social network, where hundreds of users contrasted the arrival of new vehicles for tourism with the economic crisis and the misery in the country.

“Seeing this is outrageous. Then you turn on the television and you only see misery. You find out that someone died because there was no ambulance or fuel. You spend hours at a stop because the buses can’t cope, and they are the same as 10 years ago ”, user Lennis Adriana, an IT student at CUJAE, commented on Facebook.

Likewise, the young woman said that in Cuba very few citizens can afford to rent a car.

“Tell me who in this country, with an average salary, can rent these ‘luxuries’. By God, if now we must celebrate that there is more for tourists than for Cubans in their own land ”.

“Cars to rent to tourists and keep the money, but you can’t get food for the people. Incredible! Asked another netizen identified as Nathalye.

“Come here… And the blockade? You have to be cheeky to say that there is no food and medicine due to an alleged blockade and yet you can buy all that, “said Osdany Valdés, a Cuban resident in the Avilanian municipality of Chambas.

Orlando, a Cienfuegos influencer, also made reference to the images of the automobiles disembarking in the Havana port.

“Vehicles to be rented to tourists who arrive on the island alienated or indifferent to the pain of an entire people who are ignored, deprived and manipulated. And the blockade? How is it possible that there is money for some things and not for the basic ones? Cubans, our luck is cast. The path of lies and deception must be cleared. Dignity is not negotiated. On November 15, the streets define ”.

Founded on October 13, 1980, Grupo Empresarial Transtur SA is the carrier of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR). Although it was created as Empresa de Transporte Turístico Transtur SA, it assumed the name of Grupo Empresarial on December 9, 2004 “as a result of a merger and restructuring process focused on increasing the quality of its services”

According to Cuban sites, Transtur has a fleet of more than 7,000 vehicles, which are operated through companies: Cubacar, Havanautos and Rex, for car rental; and Transtur Ómnibus, dedicated to bus rental.

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