We tried handy pads with MagSafe.  It can charge iPhones, watches and headphones

Brněnská the company CubeNest, which focuses on users of Apple products with the production of accessories, has introduced a handy accessory to the iPhone. It is a wireless power bank CubeNest Magnetic Aluminium Wireless with MagSafe support.

Of course, this does not mean that it is only intended for iPhones. It is also compatible with the Qi standard, so it understands other phones and even charges AirPods headphones. For iPhones, however, the main advantage is the magnetic attachment to the back of the device.

The power bank looks very nice, which is helped by the aluminum knurled body. At first glance, however, it is quite large, so using it will optically double the width of the phone, but it must be acknowledged that the size does not exceed that of the original Apple. In addition, its dimensions do not matter what it might seem at first glance and you will quickly get used to it. I have to praise the great strength of the magnet, so you will definitely not shake it off the phone.

Long endurance not only on the road

In addition, the greater thickness is redeemed by a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. Unlike the original solution from Apple, any iPhone can charge at least once in full condition. In the case of testing on the iPhone 13 Pro, it charged the device 1.5 times from a fully discharged state.

The full discharge scenario, however, is not common in practice, so if you reach a charger somewhere around 20-30% like me, you can usually charge the phone twice. However, it will also be useful in the case of a heavier load, for example during long video recordings, playing games or GPS navigation, when you no longer have to deal with endurance.

Charging via MagSafe / Qi offers an output of up to 15 W. However, it is also possible to charge traditionally with a cable via USB-C, with an output of up to 18 W. The same connector is also used to charge the power bank itself. The power adapter is missing from the package, you must use the one from your phone.

What freezes a bit is that despite MagSafe, the power bank’s connection does not communicate with the phone in any way. You can find out the state of its charge using the four LEDs on the bottom. Each LED is equivalent to 25% battery. The fifth LED then indicates the off / on status.

But overall, the CubeNest wireless power bank is an elegant solution for recharging your phone. The main attraction is its price 899 CZK. That’s 2,000 less than Apple’s solution. Overall, however, it is one of the cheapest power banks with MagSafe on the market, while it has a very high quality workmanship. As a competition, we can mention the power bank, which is roughly priced at the same price MagZen from another Czech brand Fixed.

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