Franco Bechtholdt acknowledged that the man with the briefcase appears in final instances
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Franco Bechtholdt assured that there are “motivations” of other clubs to help them in decisive instances. Of course, it was clear that they are only accepted when it involves winning, never for losing.

© Agency OneFranco Bechtholdt acknowledged that the man with the briefcase appears in final instances

The National Championship It is in its final stretch and the fight in the standings is red hot both at the top and the bottom. While Colo Colo and Catholic University They fight for the title Huachipato, Deportes Melipilla, University of Chile, Curicó Unido, Deportes La Serena, O’Higgins and Cobresal They seek to avoid the relegation zone.

There are several teams that are complicated in the background, where there is still one place to lose the category directly and another to dispute the promotion against the champion of the First League B. A difficult reality, but for which they must give their best in the last two dates.

Curico Kingdom managed to get away thanks to the goal difference and the draw against Colo Colo, being better off for what is coming. And not only that, since they recover one of their captains, Franco Bechtholdt, who spoke with RedGol about the present of the Torteros.

I was away for two months due to an injury that affected my pubis and abductors, but today I was finally able to train normally and join the group. I hope if the technician decides, to be available to help to have good results and to get out of the complicated situation once and for all.“, he pointed.

Throughout the season, the refereeing has generated controversy in one of its worst years. This worries Bechtholdt, who asks to trust the judges. “I do not think they are mistakes with bad intentions, but more than anything by decisions or a bad day of the referees. I don’t want to think that there is something black behind it. We all hope, for the sake and transparency of the tournament, that the refereeing will be up to par. Important things are being played both at the top and at the bottom of the table“.

Although despite this, the midfielder does not hesitate to lift the Curicó crisis. “We trust our work. We are convinced of what we do and what we have been showing in the second part of the tournament. We are a competitive team, we hope that with our weapons it will reach us to get away from everything, beat Palestino and think about the 2022 season“.

Recognize “incentives”, but in a good way

In a fight like the one that the National Championship is experiencing, the rumors about incentives grow more and more, something that Franco Bechtholdt recognizes happens, but for a context.

I think the teams have received and always, generally in the last few days, incentives are received but for winning. When you no longer play anything and other clubs are interested in you playing the way you have to play or you need extra motivation, the incentives are“, he emphasized.

Of course, Bechtholdt makes it more than clear that if aid is received, it will always be with the intention of winning. “To lose, no. I don’t think any player is going to play backwards. The ‘Briefcase Man’ in a good way, yes. In evil, it does not exist“.

Finally the midfielder stressed that regardless of what happens outside, he only thinks about helping his teams. “More than anything, there is the sporting honor of leaving the club where we took it this season, in the First Division. We do not expect to have such a complicated tournament, we were hopeful at the beginning of the year to take that step to qualify for the cups, fight from the middle up. It was not given to us, but now we are focused on getting out of this situation and finishing in the best possible way“.

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