The best films on Netflix in 2021. They all have Czech dubbing or subtitles

On Monday, we asked you if you prefer subtitles or dubbing for foreign films and series. While only one in eight people in the newsroom followed the Czech soundtrack, in the reading section the ratio was balanced.

Of the more than 1,200 voters, 39% prefer the original version with Czech or Slovak titles and 37% prefer to reach for dubbing. However, there are generally more subtitles, because another 14% turn them on, but also in the original version. Five percent of respondents alternate between titles, and five percent watch videos exclusively in their original version without subtitles. And what was said in the discussion?

Dubbing? No, I’d rather have a book

Sonny Luciano Leone has a clear resistance to dubbing. “I report any dubbing. The only original … dubbing is the end of the film. And when I stumbled upon a dubbing film I saw in the original before, I was pretty disappointed. Dubbing not only destroys the sound in the film, it spoils the atmosphere, but much of the acting is mainly about the voice.

He can’t take it either karel. „I can only use original sound with subtitles. I’m not used to dubbing and when I hear it sometimes, it’s beyond tolerance.

Czech = comfort

I personally prefer dubbing, my English is not at the same level as to enjoy the original wording as I should, otherwise I would prefer the original wording. I understand that a person will sometimes lose a few situations and words that just can’t be translated correctly into a way to stay funny. But it’s more acceptable to me, because if the subtitles are there, I won’t enjoy the film, because the subtitles will break my concentration on the film itself,He says Michal Diviš.

It is also for dubbing Ferry01: „Dubbing, of course. When watching subtitles, what often happens on the screen (hence the screen) often escapes, and it’s tiring. Quality dubbing cannot be replaced. However, if the person in question speaks the language of the film, it can be in the original without any problems.

Funèse only with Filipovský

In the discussion itself, however, there were more frequent comments that preferred dubbing only to classics. Maybe Daniel Ševčík states:So Vinnetou and the Chetniks, and in fact all the Funes, dubbed by Mr. Filipovský, only with dubbing. The rest strictly in the original with subtitles. Often even jokes in a foreign language sound completely different in context than they are dubbed – although sometimes translators try to put them into the Czech context so that the viewer understands it.

TFSi adds:How where. There are movies / series that simply aren’t that without dubbing. Mainly animators for children; sometimes even adult animators and then such cult classics as Hello Hello, Red Dwarf, … but otherwise the original version with subtitles is no problem.

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