Daily rate for lambs at Salvador’s carnival is defined by agreement

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An agreement between the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) and carnival entities defined the daily value of lambs in Salvador’s 2023 carnival. this Tuesday (17).

According to the document, personal protective equipment, food, personal accident insurance and a minimum wage per day will be offered. The agreement made on January 11 defined the daily rate at R$60, including the cost of transportation. In all, it is estimated that there are 15,000 jobs for lambs, responsible for holding the ropes that delimit the spaces of the blocks on the avenue.

According to the chief prosecutor of the MPT in Bahia, Luís Carneiro, the value is 15% higher than the last carnival. In case of non-compliance with the TAC, fines of R$12 to R$30 thousand per clause may be charged.

The president of Sindicorda, Matias Silva, recalled that the entity will be on the party’s circuits to identify any non-compliance with the TAC for immediate communication to the MPT. The leader of the workers also highlighted the importance of guaranteeing personal accident insurance, which replaces the need for each lamb to be registered with the INSS as a temporary worker.

“We negotiated with the blocks and we already have the guarantee of an insurance policy to cover the costs of treatment and compensation for any lamb that may suffer some kind of accident during Carnival”, he pointed out.

In addition to the minimum daily rate, the TAC provides for the provision of gloves, ear protectors, sunscreen and a cotton shirt for the lamb, a snack with biscuits, juice and mineral water and the availability by the entities of workers’ data for up to two years for possible actions tax. The document prohibits the hiring of minors under 18 and pregnant women.


During the event this Tuesday (14th), held at the MPT headquarters in the Vitória Corridor, the guarantee of structure for the work carried out by cooperatives of recyclable material collectors was also discussed.

For the first time 14 recycling cooperatives operating in the metropolitan region of Salvador to negotiate with the state and municipality. They will perform in the revelry in 12 support points, with bathrooms, rain shelter, resting places and space for meals.

The points will function as a support area for collectors and as centers for the purchase and storage of material collected in the party circuits. With the cooperatives installed along the entire route, there is a disincentive to the presence of middlemen. At these centers, individual protection kits will also be distributed to waste pickers.

“We have been working with recyclable material collectors since 2017 to promote better working conditions for them during Carnival”, recalled attorney Adriana Campelo. She points out that these spaces and the individual protection equipment – ​​raffia bag, gloves, t-shirts – are being funded by the city hall through Carnival sponsors. Another important point is the elimination of the middleman.

“In the circuit, this material can only be purchased by cooperatives. The city hall committed itself to inspecting to prevent the presence of these smugglers”, concluded the attorney.

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