Dakar Classic in the pocket for Mogno/Drulhon, status quo for Koen Wauters


With one stage to go in the Dakar Classic, the French duo Serge Mogno and Florent Drulhon (Landcruiser) can put the champagne on ice. In the standings they ran up to 226 penalty points on their compatriots Arnaud and Adeline Euvrard. Third place is for the Spaniards Jesus Fuster Pliego and Juan Carlos Ramirez Moure (Mercedes).


Today at 18:24

Mogno and Drulhon won the second Dakar Classic on Friday without incident, following in the footsteps of their compatriots Marc Douton and Emilien Etienne (Sunhill).

There is good news from the Belgian side. At their first participation in the Dakar Classic, Tom De Leeuw, Cédric Feryn and Bjorn Burgelman (Mercedes) are on their way to victory in the trucks. The Belgians took the lead from a trio of Spaniards who have dropped from fifth to thirtieth place. In the standings they are 707 points ahead of the second truck.

Koen Wauters and Pascal Feryn (Toyota) remain in twelfth place and fourth in their class after the eleventh stage. After the disappearance of the Spanish truck, they had to give way to Lithuanians Valdas Valiukevicius and Paulius Kavaliauskas (Toyota) on Thursday. The difference with them is only ten penalty points.


With a bit of luck Erik and Tom Claeys (Toyota) can still make it to the top twenty. On Thursday, they moved from 24th to 22nd place. Amy Lennert and Sara Carmen Bossaert (Porsche) drop one place again, from 36 to 37. Delespeaux and Bertrand Droupsy (Volkswagen) are 58th after stage 11. Michel Teerlinck and Patrick Lammens (Toyota) are in 63rd place, just ahead of Rene Declercq and John Demeester (Bombardier), who are 64th.

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