“Dancing Stars” candidate Michael Buchinger in an interview

Maybe the Vision Board helped here too? [Anm.: Buchinger hatte eine Teilnahme bei „Dancing Stars“ seit 2018 auf seinem Vision Board]

(laughs) Yes, perhaps! You have to convince yourself that you already know for sure that your wish will come true. Of all potential professional dance partners, I had the best gut feeling about him, as far as I was concerned. Herby gave me a humorous impression on his Instagram channel. Because he is also taking part in “Dancing Stars” for the first time, it is also a first experience for him. In addition, Herby works full-time as a primary school teacher, which means that he is used to it when someone is difficult and stubborn. So I knew: He can with me! (grins)

Have the rehearsals gone smoothly so far or have there been any injuries?

I’ve already suffered various injuries! In my first week I suddenly had a huge bruise on my left butt cheek – contracted during the so-called “round-about”, i.e. a dance figure in which Herby drags me in a circle over the floor. At the beginning I didn’t understand how to fall to the floor as elegantly as possible and then I just kept attacking the floor – that shows my level of dedication to dancing! (laughs)

At the moment – ​​we are already rehearsing for the second show – dances that are danced on tiptoe are causing me some problems, because my feet are just not used to it.

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