“Dancing Stars”: Missy May replaces Karina Sarkissova

Karina Sarkissova’s exit from “Dancing Stars”

In a broadcast, Sarkissova was “infinitely sad that I can no longer be part of this magical show. (…) And above all, I’m so sad because I have to disappoint my fans and everyone who called for me . But the doctors have warned me that if I continue to do so I will be irreparably damaged and, in the worst case, I will never be able to dance again.” Missy May wished the departed all the best, “and that she’ll get back on her feet soon. I don’t see myself as a replacement, because you can’t replace Karina Sarkissova.”

In the second show, a couple is voted out for the first time. Choreographer and director Kim Duddy is guest juror Maria Angelini-Santner and Balázs Ekker on the “Dancing Stars” jury. The participating celebrities are – in addition to Missy May – Omar Khir Alanam, Michael Buchinger, Eveline Eselböck, Lucas Fendrich, Corinna Kamper, Hannes Kartnig, Lilian Klebow, Alexander Pointner and Martina Reuter.

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