Daniel Jones seeks to remain undefeated against Washington

LANDOVER, Maryland, USA (AP) – Even if Daniel Jones knows well the key to his good results in his career against Washington, the New York Giants quarterback does not want to share his secret.

Jones insists that every game is different, but the truth is that he is 4-0 against Washington and 4-19 against the rest of the NFL in little more than two seasons as a professional.

“He runs the ball well, he’s a dynamic runner,” acknowledged Washington head coach Ron Rivera. “That was it: he has a good arm, a quarterback with a strong arm.”

Sometimes with costly interceptions. Or he might put the ball down for a fumble, being the league player who did that the most in the past two seasons.

Now Jones is looking to maintain his unbeaten record against Washington, who will try the inexperienced but popular Taylor Heinicke at quarterback in place of Ryan Fitzpatrick, who injured his hip on the first weekend.

The confrontation between Washington’s feared defensive bloc versus New York’s offensive line will be essential in determining who wins the matchup between rivals from the National Conference East on Thursday. Still, all eyes will be on the quarterbacks. Jones, prone to making mistakes, versus Heinicke, the globetrotter who came close to beating Tom Brady last season in the playoffs.

“I just remember he was a real gunman,” said Giants cornerback James Bradberry, who played with Heinicke for the Panthers in the only other regular season he started in the NFL in 2018.

Jones, the sixth pick in the 2019 draft, has the confidence of Joe Judge, the coach who is serving his second season at the helm of the Giants. Jones turned the ball over for the 30th time in a Week 1 loss to Denver, but he also threw for 267 yards and a touchdown.

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