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The journalist left the competition last Thursday, after re-entering the program a few days ago.

Chef's Disciple
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Chef’s Disciple experienced an unexpected elimination last Thursday where the red team, led by the Spanish chef Sergio Arola, was the loser of the competition and had to remove one of its members from the competition.

Before the team mentor expressed his decision, the journalist Patricio sotomayor He decided to leave the competition, to save the rest of his teammates.

In conversation with Page7, the communicator referred to his time in the competition. “At the beginning I feel like they didn’t have faith in me, because the rest of the team cooked really well. Little by little I gained confidence”, he began by pointing.

He also referred to his change of team. Let us remember that Pato first joined the green team led by Ennio Carota, only to later switch to red when he rejoined. “I wasn’t having a good time. I had made an image of a copuchento hueón, bad vibes, the complete opposite of what I am”.

The journalist also commented on one of the controversies that have marked the new season of the space, the tense conflict between Daniela Aránguiz and Perla Ilich. “At first I was surprised by how it scaled. What was shown on TV was just an excerpt from the fight, which must have lasted much longer.”, he expressed.

He then added: “Later I was sorry that two people treat each other like that, that they reach that level of aggressiveness. It’s super penca “,

“We witnessed something that should have been resolved in another context, privately,” he concluded by pointing out.

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