Daniela Rojo, moderator of the Archipelago Group, is arrested

MIAMI, United States. – Daniela Rojo, moderator of the Archipelago Group, was arrested this Monday at her home by State Security agents, that platform reported on her account. Twitter.

The young woman’s arrest came minutes after the group announced a meeting in response to the Cuban regime’s decision to deny permission for the Civic March for Change, scheduled for November 15.

“Our next steps will be announced shortly,” said the platform on social networks after the statement of the Mayor of the Administration Council of Old Havana, Alexis Acosta Silva, released by the official media Cubadebate.

(Screenshot / Twitter)

Yunior García Aguilera, one of the coordinators of the Archipelago Group, declared to CubaNet that so far there is no information about the activist.

In that sense, he indicated that several of the members of Archipelago were trying to keep abreast of the situation of the young woman, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Daniela Rojo, 25, had already been arrested on July 11 in the municipality of Regla, Havana, when she tried to join one of the anti-government demonstrations that took place that day in the capital.

On that occasion, the young woman was led by various entities of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT). Later, she was transferred to the Guatao prison, where she was kept until she was released.

The activist is the mother of a four-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy. In addition, he takes care of his father, who is ill.

Like Daniela Rojo, Yunior García Aguilera has also been the victim of harassment by the political police, who try to keep the Archipelago Group coordinators isolated.

“In my house they cut off the Internet and fixed telephone service,” said the activist, who was summoned in the morning at the headquarters of the Municipal Government of Old Havana. There he was notified of the refusal of the regime to allow the march of 15N to qualify the call as a violation of the Constitution.

Regarding the official text, the playwright said: “This is not a response from the municipal governments, it is the response of the repressive apparatus. Today is another crime against freedom and human rights. I hope that after this no one will have any doubts that we are facing a dictatorship ”.

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