Danielle, mother of Wivinne Marion, talks about the sentence of the murderer of her daughter: “I thought, at one point, that Xavier Van Dam was going to crack”

Xavier Van Dam took life for having raped and murdered Wivinne Marion. The mother wants him to realize what he has done: “But never get out of prison!”

When he started to cry, head down and hidden under his mask, I thought he was going to crack, that his shell was cracking. But it has not happened. At most, after the verdict, he apologized to the people to whom he would have made difficulty. By using the conditional, you realize ?

At the start of the trial at the Assizes in Namur, Danielle Falque prayed for a severe sentence and for the illumination of gray areas, necessary for the mourning process.

Scathing, the judgment was indeed. Last Tuesday, Xavier Van Dam took life for having raped, kidnapped and murdered, in Boninne, Danielle’s daughter, Wivinne Marion. She then took advantage of her morning jog on a country lane. It is an exemplary sentence, which will protect society and which will mark the occasion of future trials in similar cases. Until now, it was only people like Dutroux who took so much. Perhaps he took life because crimes against women have become a scourge of society, that we talk about it a lot. But, even considering only his singular case, I believe that he deserved this penalty given the atrocity of his acts. I don’t have the impression that he took for others.

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