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The former president of the Republic and president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Danilo Medina, assured today that that political organization lost the elections of the last electoral period because “the people got tired of well-being.”

What accountability out of power, Danilo Medina listed a large part of the works of his government and called on the PLD members to take to the streets to defend the work of the PLD, an organization that, he claimed, transformed the Dominican Republic.

“We lost the last elections because I feel that people got tired of well-being. It was necessary for this to happen, because we are listening to the clamor of the people and we know of the scarcity and deficiencies to which they are subjected, the lack of employment, the lack of food, the lack of work in general, the famine ” , affirmed the ex-president.

He criticized that the government of the Modern Revolutionary Party, chaired by Luis Abinader Corona, attributes the difficulties it faces to the COVID-19 pandemic, because “I also led the country for about 6 months when the pandemic began in its most difficult time,” said, a heated Danilo Medina, who was cheered by those present.

Medina led the act in La Vega in which 2,487 new members were sworn in in the ranks of the political organization, 70 percent of whom are young.

“Even those who wanted to consider us dead have awakened after they had the defeat in the ADP (Dominican Association of Teachers) and in the Bar Association. They believed that the PLD was dead and is here, alive and well, “he added.

Medina says that he is not in the campaign and that he is not and will not be a candidate, but warned that he will travel the country to defend his work at the forefront of public affairs.

He spoke of the wealth that he produced for the country and that the gross domestic product took him from $ 60,000 million to $ 92,000 million, at the end of his term.

The swearing in of the 2,487 new members was part of the goals set by the party during the IX Ordinary Congress “José Joaquín Bidó Medina”.

A poor to middle class DR

The ex-president assured that the PLD he knows is the one that made the Dominican Republic a middle-class society after being a country of poor people.

“Today thousands of these members of the middle class are unfortunately downgrading and falling back into poverty,” he said.

“The PLD lowered the masters from the engine queue and mounted them in cars and jets throughout the country,” he explained.

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