The grocery store was set up in honor of its owners' grandfather and will be one of the film's settings.

The news of the new production by Darío Grandinetti and Mercedes Morán was known. The two actors who starred together in “Maradona: Sueño Bendito” will share the screen once again and this time it will be done in Mendoza with a vintage grocery store as its setting.

“Emezca el baile” is the new dramatic comedy by Argentine actors and will be directed by Marina Seresesky. It will be an important film project as it will unite Argentina and Spain on one screen.

It will have a shoot with shots in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Rosario and several areas of Mendoza.

The synopsis details what will be a reunion between Carlos and Margarita, who knew how to be an old and well-known tango couple: “Carlos lives in Madrid, enjoying the second chance that life has given him, and Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in the poverty and oblivion, but with that sarcastic and rogue humor that has always characterized her”

A vintage grocery store as a setting

Some scenes of the film will take place in Cacheuta, specifically inside a grocery store. It will be an elementary part of the story, like a strawberry for dessert.

The grocery store was set up in honor of its owners’ grandfather and will be one of the film’s settings. (Don Anselmo grocery store/)

The grocery store is located in a corner of the tourist town of Lujan. It is a family business, run by cousins ​​who wanted to honor their grandfather with the idea. They created it in his honor, since the deceased man was very fond of wine and period objects.

Without providing details of the film, the pulpería will be the perfect setting for the plot, since the place manages to wrap itself in the story that it wants to tell. The interior of the premises is decorated with vintage elements and its main product is wine, which is what the film starring Darío and Mercedes needs.

The interior of the grocery store.

The interior of the grocery store. (Don Anselmo grocery store/)

In addition, the film will have locations in Guaymallén, Lunlunta and Ciudad de Mendoza, with a shoot that will take 3 weeks in the province.

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