"Data kills story": the hard crossing on Twitter between María Eugenia Vidal and Leandro Santoro due to inflation

The national disputes of Together for Change Maria Eugenia Vidal and from the Front of All Leandro santoro they maintained a hard crossing on Twitter this Thursday after The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) reported that December inflation was 3.8% and the accumulated total for 2021 was 50.9%, very close to the 53.8% that there was in 2019 in the last year of Mauricio Macri as president.

First, the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires published the information revealed by Indec with the phrase “data mata related“And an analysis of the situation:”Argentina is among the five countries with the highest inflation in the world. This continues to be a chronic problem in our country: since the return to democracy, we have had 48% average inflation, not counting the hyper. This government not only has an expected inflation rate of over 50% for this year, but it is also getting into debt at a faster rate than the government of Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri.”.

In the thread of posts he argued that the price increase is “the worst tax” because “it is the one that harms the most to those who have the least” and that, like the foreign debt, “is the daughter of the deficit.” He also asked for an economic plan: “There is no way to stop getting into debt or to stop generating more inflation if we don’t have an economic plan that sets us a serious course. It is time for them to put aside the verse and present to Congress a serious economic plan that can be sustained over time. Enough of lies, excuses and always blaming others ”.

Shortly after, Santoro summoned her and responded in the same way with a “data mata related”In which he cited figures for 2019, when Macri lost the elections at the hands of Alberto Fernandez and left the presidency. The political scientist recalled that Three years ago inflation was 53.9% and economic activity fell 2.1%.

Inflation must be lowered. But in a context of pandemic, renegotiating a debt not contracted by us, with exchange pressure daughters of capital flight and rising international inflation, in 2021 Argentina grew 11%”Leandro Santoro countered. And he sentenced: “In 2019 there was more inflation with recession”.

In a few minutes, both analyzes received hundreds of responses and retweets from users who, as usual, stood on each side of the rift between the ruling party and the opposition, which added a new round after the Indec released the data.

2021 inflation was the second highest since 1991 -the record was that of 2019-, driven basically by the increases in food that accumulated an increase in twelve months of 50.3%. Other items with increases above the general index were clothing, which closed with a rise of 64.6%, and restaurants and hotels (65.4%).

The so-called core inflation, which does not include regulated services and seasonal goods, accumulated an increase of 54.9 percent in twelve months.

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