Dayane Mello attacks digital influencers and mocks

Dayane Mello do not get tired of being controversial in The Farm 13. The proof of this is that, now the artist talked about what he really thinks about the work of digital influencers. The conversation began after she compared the rural reality with the BBB in Italy.

“[No Big Brother Itália, a gente] I used to fight a lot, but after half an hour everyone was talking because they knew it was a game. Here, people don’t look you in the face, they bring things from outside, they want to defame you. It’s another story. Here, the game is to destabilize you. It’s a game to play in the moment and then turn the page. Because as I have a lot to lose, so do you,” he said.

Next, she highlighted that some pedestrians think that being an influencer is having a career. “But as there are people here who don’t have a career, who do this job of playing at being an ‘influencer’, which today is what brings you very easy money because it’s been something that’s been around for five years, it’s an opportunity. So people think this is already a career. When easy money arrives, out of nowhere, people forget a lot. Then to step on the other, to try to destroy what the other built, it’s very easy. These people have nothing to lose”, commented the model in conversation with MC Gui.

criticized Aline

It is worth noting that even after forming a couple with Aline Mineiro, with whom he had a good relationship in the game, Dayane Mello emphasized that the participant should be eliminated in the last one. No words, she returned to detonate the opponent’s game.

“I have it very clear. It’s one thing for you to play and some things aren’t cool, such as fights, another thing is for you to belittle and humiliate. This I will not forgive, there is no forgiveness. If Aline too, if she leaves tomorrow, I don’t care, I don’t care. So is Sol. I do buy from people I love and like. I bought a fight from Aline, from Rico and I only took it there. I’ll keep taking that place because I’m like that. I see some attitudes, like, if you want to talk to Rico and feel happy to do it, you can do it, but I’m not going to go back”, he vented.

In conclusion, the ex-BBB said the ex-panicat is not a good person. “I don’t see anything nice, I don’t see anything real about this girl. So, like this, she is now kissing ass of Bil and Marina”, he argued.

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