Dayane vents about feeling lonely on reality TV

Confined for more than two months in The Farm 13, to model Dayane Mello has been falling out with several of his fellow gamers. After having made one more criticism of the Aline Mineiro, the famous searched for MC Gui to let off steam. She said she is feeling very lonely on the show and said that she is being excluded by pedestrians from the reality show. Record TV.

“First it started with the group, excluding friend, excluding Erika, excluding them both. Lary left, slandered the girl. Then she came, turned me against my friend to have a friend and not feel alone. Fought, voted for Solange three more times, bought war, now so pretending to be friends to not vote for the other. Like, there is no law, right?” Dayane complained.

Without paying much attention to her colleague’s complaints, MC Gui got up at that moment to go to the bathroom. Alone in the headquarters’ living room. “One minute of peace now,” he said, as he rose. “One minute of silence. oh oh oh loneliness“, countered Dayane.

Dayane complains of falsehood

In another conversation with MC Gui this Sunday (21st), Dayane Mello decided to make further criticisms of the pedestrians of A Fazenda 13. She criticized their posture and stated that they are fake.

It’s a lot of falsehood, it’s people who love each other too much. It’s not possible… Three months, two and a half months and just love each other. Me here full of hate and everyone loving each other… Fuck off**,” the model stated. The funkeiro, in turn, agreed with what he heard and laughed out loud at his colleague’s speech. “Me either. I go ‘Man, what do you mean, bro? Where is the other side? Doesn’t it exist?” he asked. “Does not exist. We’re at an amusement park, everyone is just enjoying… Ah, get your bearings… Bunch of fakes”, said the famous woman.

The alliance

Also during his conversation with MC Gui in A Fazenda 13, Dayane Mello talked about the game’s movements. She stated that she made a deal with Dynho Alves and, if both are in the next farm, she would not veto him from the Farmer’s Test. On the other hand, the dancer would not send her to the next farm if he were a farmer.

You can’t believe anything at this point in the championship. I won’t make a deal with anyone anymore, because it’s just disappointment? Is the only person playing with me right now you and no one else? From the rest, I can expect everything”, Dayane replied about Bill’s suspicion.

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