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With the four hour Snyder cut of Justice League, fans finally got the DC event they fought for years. But even the long version of the blockbuster only hinted at how epic the story of Henry Cavill as Superman was more films by Zack Snyder would have passed.

In a new interview, Cavill spoke again about the unfinished Superman plans spoken. One notices again that the DC role is still very close to his heart.

Henry Cavill is still heavily attached to the unfinished Superman journey

As Comic Book reported, the DC star also spoke in a new interview with the Spanish GQ about how the Superman story would have gone in the Zack Snyder universe:

I was very interested in Superman’s early stages of his journey first to really concretize. We had Man of Steel, and then we got a little darker with Batman v Superman.

And if he succumbs to the anti-life equation and an evil Superman [in Fortsetzungen von Justice League] I really wanted to make sure we saw the hero Superman and the true symbol of hope, the Beacon of Light, before we did the path of darkness to redemption used to go.

In the Snyder-Cut were Parts of the Superman master plan already shown. After the man of steel was resuscitated, Cavill’s DC hero briefly turned into an evil version who fought against the Justice League team.

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The extent of the most epic Superman story has only been hinted at so far

The full extent of a sinister, broken Superman only flashed briefly in the Knightmare sequences that appear in Batman v Superman and towards the end of the Snyder cut as post-apocalyptic visions of the future were interspersed. Here Lois Lane was killed by Darkseid in order to win Superman on his side as an indomitable weapon.

With Zack Snyder’s plans for more Justice League films, Superman would be after Death of Ben Affleck’s Batman regained consciousness and would have led the Justice League purified into the final battle against Darkseid.

Lately there have been more reports that Henry Cavill is dying to return as Superman. The only question is whether Warner is for the star a DC future is planned at all Has. Until then, we’ll continue to dream with Cavill of the unfinished plans of the most epic Superman story.

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Do you also want Henry Cavill’s Superman story to go on and to be completed?

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