Djokovic will debut against rival of the classification

The Dominican Boxing Federation (Fedoboxa), chaired by Rubén García, continues to await the decision of the four athletes who have in mind to move to professionalism.

The intention should have been delivered in August, but they were given an extension.

One of them, Leonel de los Santos, will be on the bill next September 23 at the Carlos -Teo- Cruz Coliseum. Alexis de la Cruz (57 kg), De los Santos (63 kg), Rohan Polanco (69 kg) and Eury Cedeño (75 kg), all members of the Olympic team that was in the past Olympic Games have plans to jump to professionalism.

That night, De los Santos will be on the billboard promoted by the Shuan Boxing company.

De los Santos has an amateur record of 42-16 and a professional 3-0, two of his fights in 2020, in Mexico. All three have been counted by victories.

“They have not formally made their final decision to the Federation and unofficially we have heard that four of them plan to move on to professionalism,” Garcia said.

Different from the four boxers, García reported that the other members of the Olympic team of the women’s branch, Miguelina Hernández (53 kg) and María Moronta (69 kg), as well as the fifth male fighter, Rodrigo Marte (52 kg) would continue in the selection. The fighters “have expressed their intention to continue being part of our female senior team,” Garcia said. “Mars has unofficially stated that it will remain in the selected one.”

Even in professionalism, if the boxers wish to continue with the selection, they can still do it. For this, “the Federation has required them that if they so decide, they must obtain a sworn statement from the promoters who will hire them” in which Fedoboxa is guaranteed that they will be able to participate in all international events of the Olympic cycle in which the Dominican Republic at both the senior and youth levels.

The affidavit

Competing for the country “is possible”, points out García “in view of the fact that the AIBA in its new regulations has established that these boxers who do not accumulate an extensive list as professionals or who have a short period of having passed to professionalism, could be accepted in competitions ”, but“ if they don’t bring the affidavit, they won’t be ”.

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