De Wever razor-sharp for budget: “Government takes everyone…

© Jan Van der Perre

In The seventh day, Bart De Wever (N-VA) was sharp on Sunday for the budget that was knocked off last weekend within the federal government, of which he is not part of the party of which he is chairman. “The government takes five euros from everyone and gives only one back,” he says. “We have calculated that and no one has contradicted it.”

Bart De Wever tweeted immediately after the presentation of the budget agreement that “the working middle class pays”. That tweet declared the mayor of Antwerp and chairman of N-VA in the seventh day. “The tax counter is already at +2 billion since this government took office. We have calculated what has now been decided: they take 5 euros and you get 1 euro back. No one has contradicted that calculation. And the working middle class will get something in 2028. That’s just laughing at people.”

“In the energy bill, I mainly see that people are opting for the inactive and those who receive support, and the working middle class can pay for it. That choice says something about the composition of the government and who is dominant in it,” says De Wever. “Not those who stand up for people who save, work and do business.”

He calls the rising energy bill the result of “dogmatic choices” in politics. “They want to drive people to other energy sources and they do this by making fossil sources unaffordable. This is not a natural phenomenon, this is policy.”

“Peasant cheating”, he calls what the federal government is doing. “First they increase the price and then come up with a discount that someone who works at the checkout at Delhaize, for example, cannot enjoy. The passives will enjoy. The Flemish government gives it to all families, including those who are going to work. That is the big difference between the centre-right Flemish government, which stands up for people who go to work, and the Vivaldi government, which stands up for those who do not work. They say that those people should work, but they always make it less interesting to work. Why would anyone still sit at the checkout of the Delhaize? He doesn’t get any benefit. The people sitting at home laugh in your face.”

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