Death of Emmanuel De La Taille in tragic circumstances

Former TF1 journalist Emmanuel De La Taille died at 89, after being hit by a truck. The former television producer had had a prolific career …

The former journalist Emmanuel De La Taille lost his life at 89, October 13, according to The Parisian. The ex-figure of TF1 was hit by a truck, near the Champs-Elysees and succumbed to his injuries.
Emmanuel de La Taille, born in 1932 in Casablanca, Morocco, began his career in the media in 1960, in the midst of the Algerian war, when he was in charge of the information department in Algiers. Then, he worked for a few years at AFP where he became a major specialist in Europe, before making himself known to French viewers by integrating theORTF, as head of the foreign service.

Emmanuel de La Taille: what had become of him?

In 1978, Emmanuel de La Taille offered the French his economic decryption program, The challenge, later renamed The Club de L’Enjeu, then The International Challenge. From the 2000s, he worked for the Web-tv Omega TV, and some time later receives the literary prizes The Green Laurels for his “journalistic work“. In recent years, the journalist had withdrawn from television sets, but he did not put his pen down because he published three books, of which the last, 1940 – 2020 From wars to crises: A French journey, was released by Hugues de Chivré editions in 2020.

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