Death of Ihor. Public Ministry accuses five more defendants | Justice

Three years after the death of Ihor Homeniuk, the Ukrainian citizen who was in the custody of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), the Public Ministry decided to charge five more defendants.

Second advanced O DN and PÚBLICO confirmed, the accused are the former director of Borders in Lisbon, two inspectors and two security guards. At issue are crimes of negligent homicide by omission, kidnapping and even denial of justice.

Initially, the Public Prosecutor’s Office chose to bring to trial only three inspectors, who in the meantime have already been tried and sentenced to nine years in prison for the death of Ihor, but soon in the indictment, they requested the extraction of a certificate to investigate the commission of other crimes, namely document forgery, and the responsibility of more actors. It pointed to more suspects in the case, who began to be investigated in an autonomous process in 2020.

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