Death of Marthe Mercadier: she loved playing the grand boulevards so much

She had based her life on laughter, on that extraordinary magic that prevailed when she heard a thousand people burst out laughing at the same second. And a long, long time, she succeeded. Today, there is only silence: Marthe Mercadier, 92, is dead and, with her, a whole section of the boulevard theater is disappearing.

Before making the rooms curl, however, Marthe, born October 23, 1928, in Saint-Ouen, will experience a beginning of life as a novelist would not dare to imagine. At the age of six, she becomes silent. Not a word will come out of his mouth for a year. Then it is a fall (during a human pyramid), which immobilizes him for 18 months. The war then catches up with her and the young woman enters into resistance, carrying “messages” to those who are fighting in the shadows.

It was at the end of the 1940s that she experienced her first successes on stage, becoming, over time, the “Queen of the Boulevard”. A stamp that does not displease him. Because it is “an entertainment theater, a satire of society, which does not take itself seriously and which requires enormous rigor“she said.

If the cinema makes her eyes soft, Marthe refuses to offer her her body (naked, it is in her contracts) but nevertheless interprets some pretty roles. On TV, she is part of the great adventure of “Saintes Chéries”, alongside Micheline Presle.

Reinvesting all her money in various theatrical productions or in films, Marthe is a pierced basket who loves nothing more than helping her friends, those who create, those who keep this profession alive. In 2014, she admitted to being over-indebted. Suffering from Alzheimer’s, she will end her life far from the boards to which she has given her burning energy, her life.

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