Ho Van Lang, who was nicknamed the “True Tarzan”, died of liver cancer at age 52. He had lived in the jungle for 40 years to escape the Vietnam War …

He was nicknamed the “real tarzan“. Ho Van Lang, the Vietnamese who lived in the jungle for 40 years, is dead September 6 at 52 years, suites of a liver cancer. The 50-year-old suffered from severe liver pain at the start of the year and was then taken to a hospital in Quảng Ngãi town. The ax quickly fell: it was a liver cancer. “Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, he had to be treated at home. But the disease was so aggressive that it did not survive“local authorities told Vietnamese media.

Ho Van Lang, who was the real Tarzan?

It’s a story out of a Hollywood scenario, and yet … Ho Van Lang was found 8 years ago in the jungle of Vietnam, with his father. Both had fled civilization and the bombings, in 1972, while the Vietnam War was raging. Ho Van Lang was just a toddler at the time, while his father had just lost his wife and two other children to the war. They had hidden in a house they had built in a tree, in order to remain safe from animals, and have led an existence isolated from all. For 40 years. To survive, they ate rats, birds, fruit, lizards, and fish, and dressed in loincloths.

Ho Vo Lang, dead because of his new life?

It was in 2013 that the men were seen by citizens, who have them denounced to the authorities. Ho Van Lang’s father was afraid of find civilization and was convinced that the war was still not over. He died in 2017. As for Ho Van Lang, he had to leave the jungle where he grew up and has lived in recent years with his brother.
Explorer Alvaro Cerezo, friend of the “real Tarzan” who had spent a week with him in the jungle, explained to Sun that letting Ho Van Lang live in civilization had been a bad idea: “I was always worried that he and his body could not stand such a change (…) He had spent his whole life in a jungle and came to live in the ‘civilized world‘where he had to ingesting industrial foods and even sometimes drinking alcohol “.

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