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With House of Money, one of the biggest Netflix series comes to an end in December. For five seasons, the criminals around the professor have been planning spectacular robberies. Now they will with the Consequences of their actions faced. The new trailer for the season 5 finale is all about death and ruin.

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New trailer for the House of Money finale on Netflix

“In the last few hours I’ve lost two people who were important to me. And I won’t let anyone else die”, the professor assures us in the trailer for the House of Money finale. You can preview the five remaining episodes of the Netflix series below.

You can watch the trailer for the House of Money finale here:

House of Money – S05B Teaser Trailer (German) HD


The first half of Season 5 of House of Money shocked with that so far most dramatic death in the series. Tokyo, of all places, which leads us through the story as the narrator, said goodbye to the ensemble. Tokyo’s death changed the House of Money forever. Now we can be curious what the creative minds behind the Netflix success have come up with for the finale.

According to series creator Álex Pina, the final episodes will focus on bringing the story to an emotional end. Even before the start of season 5, it was clear that the first half was mainly full of action and nerve-wracking elements, before we say goodbye to the characters in a thoughtful finale à la Kill Bill Vol. 2.

The House of Money finals will be on December 3, 2021 published on Netflix.

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