Debate in Capital: the most tense scene between Myriam Bregman and Javier Milei

In an intense and at times chaotic debate last Wednesday, the cross between the candidates for deputies for the city of Buenos Aires, Myriam Bregman (FIT) and Javier Milei (Libertad Avanza), gave rise to talk, after at a certain moment the moderators had to intervene, since none of them was complying with the rules of the meeting in which Leandro Santoro (FdT) and María Eugenia Vidal (JxC) also participated

The cross between Bregman and Milei

It all started when the candidates discussed, within the framework of the “Institutional quality, security and justice” block, about the implementation of tasers, which generated wide differences among politicians.

At that time, Bregman was interrupted several times by the liberal referent, so the former deputy shot: “Milei is used to women not talking.” Before the comment, the libertarian candidate countered: “That is a fallacy. If you want to tell me something, say so because it can also constitute a crime ”, to which the FIT reference replied that“ don’t threaten me ”.

Immediately afterwards, the conductors Bonelli and Alfaro of the debate that was broadcast on A dos Voces, on TN, asked the participants to respect the rules, while both candidates continued to chicane.

“This man started by being polite, but in the acts he tells us ‘shitty lefties’, ‘shitty lefties are going to run’ and as soon as the debate begins, he begins with the same attack. What is ‘fucking lefties are going to run?’ The same thing they told us in the dictatorship? If this is going to be the mechanism, I can’t argue like that. I don’t argue with a man who yells at me, ”the left-wing leader attacked.

Faced with this, Milei was ironic and asked that they put “chains so they are comfortable.” Meanwhile, throughout the exchange, Santoro supported Bregman: “Myriam is right, it is absolutely impossible to argue like that”, and chicaneled Milei: “You don’t know the rules as anarchist.” For his part, Vidal was silent and decided not to get into the intersection.

“In a debate you have to be able to say ideas and not be attacking. And stop saying the word ‘fallacy’ that tired us all. Taster of fallacies, Milei ”, said the candidate for the FIT.

Later, in another block of the debate, Milei once again did not comply with the rules of the debate: instead of electing a leader, the libertarian addressed “the Argentine people”, stating that he does not argue “with the caste.” Consequently, the drivers questioned the candidate who “did not comply with the agreement.”

“It is striking that someone who put together his list with the worst caste in Argentina, which is the military, who defends the monarchical caste … I am not going to allow him to speak of caste when he addresses the Left Front” , Bregman launched again, and argued: “First because I charge like a nurse, I do not live from employers, and second because our list is full of workers.”

As a result of the questioning, both candidates crossed paths again. “Myriam continues with the fallacies. Just because you are with one person does not mean that you agree on everything. The Bussi thing is a job that I did as an advisor, at the time I had been democratically elected ”, explained Milei.

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