Nacho Torres, on the other hand, the great winner of the PASO.

Undoubtedly, it was a blow to the ruling party that, from now on, will have to review its national position in order to deepen a relationship that is elusive, due to the unity of Peronism through the Frente de Todos, take a greater distance in search of achieving a reference level for the opposition vote or changing the leadership.

Arcioni bet on his two highest profile ministers: Fabián Puratich, in charge of Health, and Federico Massoni, in charge of Security. Neither option worked. The former obtained 13.12% on the way to the lower house, while the controversial official who fights crime reached 13.42 on the way to the Senate. Both finished third, just four points ahead of the Workers’ Left Front (FIT).

The surprise of the day was taken by Juntos, who averaged 39 points between the list of senators and that of deputies and who consecrated the current national legislator of PRO Nacho Torres at the head of the list towards the upper house and the councilor of Comodoro Rivadavia, Ana Clara Romero, to head the list of deputies. Both will be accompanied by the radicals who lost the internship: Edith Tirenzi and Gustavo Menna.


Nacho Torres, on the other hand, the great winner of the PASO.


“Chubut was part of the same national wave. Now the votes must be upheld. It will depend on whether those who won the primaries summon not only the candidates from the other lists but also those who have not voted for them ”, he told Ambit the provincial benchmark of radicalism, Manuel Pagliaroni. Who added: “It was a vote in repudiation of the economic situation and the mismanagement of the pandemic. I believe that we are on the way to having two electoral fronts, however Arcioni still has its own municipalities “.

Together they won in 14 of the 15 departments that the Province has. An unexpected result for own and others.

Along the same lines, Romero, the candidate of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said that “people are looking for another alternative in Chubut and that alternative is us.” His running mate, Nacho Torres, who was the big winner of the day so he could confirm his jump from the lower house to the upper house, argued that “there is no more credit for the lie in Chubut and Arcioni must have it is clear ”.

National slams

Peronism arrived injured at PASO. And the result made it clear: “People expressed a general malaise. It was a negative wave that it covered. Everyone in the province will have to do their own blame, “said the candidate for senator for the Frente de Todos, Carlos Linares.

The Frente de Todos added an average of 26.5 percent of the votes between Linares and Eugenia Alieniello, a number that left it in second place well below what Juntos added and that will surely reopen a new scenario of internal conflict.

Now we will have to see how Lieutenant Governor Ricardo Sastre and his brother Gustavo, mayor of Puerto Madryn, and Adrián Maderna himself, in charge of Trelew, are accommodated.

“I don’t do politics to win at any cost. First there are the people and then the leaders. The people punished us with a vote that clearly shows that we have some errors to correct ”, closed the mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, Juan Pablo Luque.

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