Delta is resisting, 15% of contamination would still be linked to it

Sit was predicted that all SARS-Cov-2 contaminations in January would be due to the Omicron variant, surprisingly, almost 15% of infections today are still related to Delta. “Hospitals across the country must therefore continue to take this variant into account.“, estimated Saturday during a press briefing Dirk Ramaekers, the head of the Taskforce vaccination.

According to the latest figures from UZ Leuven, the Omicron variant accounted for just under 85% of infections between December 27 and January 9. As of January 10, the signal of a possibility of Omicron was present in 83% of the positive samples, analyzed on the 8 federal platforms.

Predictions that the Omicron variant would be fully dominant at the end of last year have therefore not fully materialized. “The number of new contaminations by the Delta variant is estimated at 15%. Whether that’s good or bad news depends on how you look at it. However, it would seem that Delta is more pathogenic than Omicron“, underlined Mr. Ramaekers.

Despite the expansion of Omicron, the Delta variant therefore continues to circulate and this has an impact on the health care system, also points out Mr. Ramakers. “Our hospitals must continue to take this variant into account. The situation is changing rapidly, so we will have to see what the next few weeks have in store for us. The vaccination strategy must also take into consideration that the Delta variant is not yet a thing of the past.“, he concluded.

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