Demand for blue-collar jobs has grown in Russia - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

On the Russian labor market, the demand for people who are ready to work in production, to extract raw materials or to farm has increased. In the third quarter of this year, demand increased by 13% over the previous year and by 45% over the same period last year. Such data are provided by the experts of the Avito Work service.

The median salary in manufacturing vacancies was 36 thousand rubles. per month (growth for the quarter by 3%). The highest paid job is a welder. The average income of people in this profession in the country is 50 thousand rubles. per month, and employers show the greatest interest in locksmiths.

Site foremen, equipment adjustments, locksmiths and other skilled workers on average can count on a salary of 40 thousand rubles. per month. The average salary of a seamstress is 35 thousand rubles. per month.

Over the past quarter, the number of vacancies for locksmiths increased by 27%, welders by 19%, and confectioners (average salary of 29 thousand rubles) – by 15%.

“The situation with qualified personnel in industry remains one of the most difficult,” says Artem Kumpel, Managing Director of Avito Rabota. “In conditions of increased demand, wages for workers in specialties are growing more noticeably than in other professions. in various industries “.

The maximum increase in vacancies was recorded in Izhevsk, where several industrial parks were opened – by 30%. Ten new production facilities in Ulyanovsk led to an increase in supply on the labor market by 29%. In Penza, vacancies increased by 25%, in Irkutsk – by 22%, in Omsk – by 21%.

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