Dementia is one of the complications of hearing problems

Leon, Guanajuato. According to the National Survey of Demographic Dynamics (ENADI) 2018, on Mexico there are more than 15 million adults aged 60 and over They reach a phase in which their body is modified and the senses too.

The ear has the ability to stimulate the brain, hence hearing loss has the potential risk of causing profound health effects, especially in this group of people for whom it is considered the third most prevalent chronic condition.

The doctor Fernando Diaz Rojas, commercial director of MED-EL Mexico highlights that the key to having a better quality of life is early detection and intervention.

Recent studies determine that limiting an older adult in the integration of social groups (isolation and loneliness) increases the risk of dementia by 60%. However, by eliminating three of the 12 potentially modifiable risk factors, it could delay cases of dementia by up to 40%, that is: hearing loss during middle age, which could reduce the risk by 8%, followed by depression with 4% and isolation in old age in 4% ”, he explained.

Most of the people with profound hearing loss and up to 40% of those with severe hearing loss are candidates for a cochlear implant and in this way their hearing capacity is corrected and their quality of life improves with the use of hearing solutions.

It is important to take the well-being of hearing as a key factor to maintain an optimal quality of life in each of its stages, making use of innovative hearing solutions is essential to listen well and avoid conditions such as dementia ”, added the specialist.

For this reason. It is recommended that older adults go to a trusted expert for a hearing exam if they detect that they have difficulty listening to person-to-person or telephone conversations; discomfort with loud sounds, a hissing or buzzing in the ears, as this will give advantage to treat any type of hearing loss in time.

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