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When yesterday the eyes were focused on the Chamber of Deputies, the deputies Nelson Marmolejos Gil and Héctor Féliz Féliz took advantage of the stage of the ordinary session to defend their honor before the Plenary and to make themselves available to the Public Ministry with respect to the investigations related to the Operation Falcón.

It is about the dismantling by the judicial authorities of a network of drug trafficking and other crimes, which had Santiago as its center of operation and, as a result of its criminal actions, investments of about RD $ 10 billion have been estimated.

In an environment tinged with a certain tension, some concerned faces and others saddened, his peers limited themselves to expressing their support through Chinese applause and some, even by patting their shoulders, as was the case of Marmolejos Gil, to whom he their electoral campaign was completely financed by one of the leaders of the drug trafficking network.

When taking a turn, the Perreme deputy for Santiago recounted his 30-year political career and assured: “I am not an invention. I’m not hooked on politics. I am not a figure made and built by steam ”. After adding that he has not amassed a fortune and that he is not circumscribed in the line that to occupy a position they have to make large investments of between 20 and 25 million pesos, he defended his good repute, welcomed the investigation carried out by the Public Ministry in the Operation Falcón, assured that he will not obstruct the investigations, which is why he made himself available to him.

It was considered an “open book” and he congratulated the position of his party, the Modern Revolutionary (PRM), because he does not need defense from anyone and agrees that “whoever made it pays for it.” “I put myself at the disposal of the Public Ministry, the Attorney General’s Office, the Supreme Court of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, whoever wants … because I have nothing to hide and the money I used in my campaign I have as justify it, “he said.

Marmolejos Gil defined himself as an upright, incorruptible and radical man and assured that he will defend his dignity and that of his family in any setting.

Defend defendants

According to the file for the request for the coercion measure and the declaration of complexity made by the Public Ministry, one of the leaders of the drug trafficking network would have fully financed the electoral campaign of the Perremeist deputy for Santiago, Marmolejos Gil. Supposedly Erick Randhiel Mosquea Polanco invested, just on election day, more than RD $ 9 million and Lenin Torres Bueno, another implicated, RD $ 550,000.

During his speech, Marmolejos Gil affirmed that the Mosquea and Polanco families are hardworking and honorable for him and that since he was a child he has observed them with legal businesses, which is why he said he was surprised that they were involved in Operation Falcón. He admitted that he knows that family and that he was not going to deny it like some people who are friends for a lifetime do. “Under no circumstances am I going to do that. I know that family and until the contrary is proven, they are honorable and hard-working families ”.


During yesterday’s ordinary session, the deputies Rosa Amalia Pilarte, who is being investigated for drug trafficking and money laundering, and Faustina Guerrero Cabrera, wife of Juan Maldonado, one of the 21 defendants in the Operation Falcón case, did not attend.

They caught him and handcuffed him

Also, the deputy of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Héctor Féliz Féliz (Pirrín), defended his honor, who said that he had not yet been notified of the case by the Public Ministry and that they never respected his parliamentary immunity because he was handcuffed and arrested during eight hours. He revealed that he is transported in taxis because he does not believe that someone will give him a ball. He made himself available to Justice although he does not have a cell phone, which was seized along with his vehicle and other belongings. He received the support of the reformist deputy Pedro Botello, who put his vehicle at his disposal.

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