House of prayer was burned down in December last year (Photo: Aty Guasu/Reproduction)

The prayer house of the Guarani-Kaiowá community was set on fire in December and the community believes in an attack

House of prayer was burned down in December last year (Photo: Aty Guasu/Reproduction)

Federal deputy Fábi Trad sent a letter to the PF (Federal Police), MPF (Federal Public Ministry) and Funai (National Indian Foundation) asking for action to be taken in the investigation into a fire at a house of prayer in Douradina, 196 kilometers from Campo Grande.

The attack took place on December 29 of last year, in the Guarani-Kaiowá village, and the community believes that it was an act of “religious intolerance against the religion, memory and collective heritage of the people”.

In a note, the parliamentarian listed crimes against the indigenous people. “The prayers Nhaderu and Nhandesy suffer frequent sieges and death threats for practicing the religion of the Guarani-Kaiowá people. In 2011, five Guarani-Kaiowá oga pysy (prayer houses) were set on fire”. Trad said he demanded “practical and urgent measures against all those involved in this barbarism”.

The inquiry has been opened and is under investigation by the PF.

Or case – The fire happened around 1 am. In a report to the Civil Police, a 45-year-old man, who was next door with family members, said that his 39-year-old wife heard people talking outside, smelled a strong smell of gasoline and heard a sound similar to that of a car. firearm shooting.

She then reported that the fire began to engulf the main hut and consumed the entire structure within minutes. Later, the woman said she saw two people leaving the scene.

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