Diamond Riding and Folklore Festival.  Photo: Web.

It’s about the provisions that were taken days past in the province of Córdoba, so the riders who participate in the traditional dressage festival in Jesús María must, from the 2021 edition, wear a helmet and bib as a way of expanding safety measures. From the National Festival of Jineteada and Folklore de Diamante, distanced themselves from the measure and clarified that, although there will be available, it will not be mandatory.

Diamond Riding and Folklore Festival. Photo: Web.

“What Jesús María did is up to them. Diamond has nothing to do with that festival and the use of a helmet will be optional, the rider who wants to put it on, but if not, no problem. Each vest or bib has a propaganda ”, he remarked Jorge Sap, coordinator of the jineteada at the Diamond Festival.

The 50th of the Diamond Jineteada and Folklore Festival will be held from January 6 to 12, 2022.

Likewise, Sap stated that “in every sport there is risk. Whoever gets on a horse knows that he is at risk and a helmet cannot save him, one less vest. If a 500 kilo horse falls on me, there is no vest worth“, He said and added:” if we continue like this in five years instead of singing the verses of our Argentine National Anthem we will be singing the North American march, really with these things we are moving away from ours, “he said.

We are turning 50 and we come from the effects of a pandemic that prevented us from holding the party (in 2020), so the expectations are very high “, said the leader, and was categorical in his rejection of the use of the security measures that were implemented in Jesús María:”is to invade our culture to put a rider a helmet and a vest with a motorcycle advertising on the back“, said to Diary One.

On the discussion about whether horse riding is a sport or animal abuse, indicated: “The jineteada horse is privileged. It takes good care of itself, it has a lot of value, it is not something common. I would show them videos of how they live and what they eat. The treatment of a jockey horse is the best in the world ”, concluded the Entrepreneur coordinator.

The traditional Creole show of the city of Diamante, Entre Ríos will have a broadcast of the Argentine Public Television.

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