Did you get an email from Banamex?  It may be a fraud

Guanajuato.- Be careful if you receive an email from Banamex asking you to update your details on your bank account, because the page is fake and they could defraud you.

Users of this bank report that via email, they received a request to update their data, with the urgency that if they do not do so in less than 24 hours, the account will be canceled. The email notes a link, supposedly to update the data, but the link leads to a site that is not available, hence the importance of ignoring the notice.

This fraud attempt arises from the sale announcement, which Citigroup Inc. recently made for the National Bank of Mexico (Banamex), however the financial institution had indicated that its current clients would not be affected by this decision.

Alberto Gomez Alcala, corporate director of Institutional Development, Economic and Communication Studies of CitiBanamex, announced in the national media that no client will be affected by this transaction and will continue to work normally.

“Customers who have a mortgage or a card will continue to be served.”

He stressed that what they put up for sale is the brand of the National Bank of Mexico, of Banamex, also explained that the Citi group keeps the part of institutional clients (patrimonial and corporate banking).

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