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The medallion recalled his passage through Belo Horizonte and explained his departure

Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF
Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

During participation in “ESPN Review”, Ricardo Oliveira talked about his passage through Atlético-MG and revealed that Sampaoli was one of those responsible for his departure. The coach, who would have requested his hiring in mid-2019, still at Santos, removed the medallion at Galo and warned that it was no longer in his plans. Today, the top scorer is without a club.

“In 2020, he arrived at Atlético. He arrived at Atlético, there he was facing me. excluded me. He didn’t talk to me, he excluded me from accessing the club so I could do my training, he separated me from the team, I couldn’t even go to the club. So I trained at home. Why? Because I didn’t accept to do what he asked me to do”, explained the player, who did not stop there.

“He called me, he has the messages on my phone, I spoke to him. He called and said: I want you to come here, because you are the player I need, I need a guy like you, to put the ball in. I saw what you’re doing. I said, ‘Man, man, cool, cool. But we have a problem. I have a contract, right?”.

In 110 games for Atlético, the scorer scored 37 times and distributed 16 assists. Your last team was coritiba, where it didn’t have much shine. In the capital of São Paulo, press vehicles say that Ricardo’s future should be in Portuguese, which disputes the Paulistão A2. The team president, however, denied the rumor and ruled out any kind of interest.

“And I just arrived at Atlético. And I left Santos and signed with Atlético. So we have a problem. We will need to talk to Atlético to see if there is such a possibility’. And he said: ‘No, you can’t talk to Atlético’. I said: ‘No, yes. Let’s see if we, at least, if Atletico opens conversation and such’. Beauty”, added Ricardo.

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