First, it was Cadena who thanked him for his “impeccable work” and even told them that they were already like his family:

It was later, on his Instagram account, that Cancino celebrated the judicial decision to release Cadena, singing a song by Nino Bravo and anticipating that he will now go for his acquittal.

This is the video:

“We hope that he is not going to flee: Iván Cepeda

Senator Iván Cepeda, recognized as a victim in the process of buying witnesses against former Senator Uribe, stressed that “the freedom that is decreed does not obey in any way a judicial acquittal“, But” obeys a process of expiration of judicial terms, but it has nothing to do with anything in the background“.

“We abide by this situation and we hope that the accused is not going to flee, as has happened on other occasions when it comes to people close to former senator Álvaro Uribe,” he concluded.

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