Diesel places 200,000 condoms on the set of his Milan show | Fashion

A mountain of 200,000 boxes of condoms formed the backdrop for Diesel’s Fall/Winter show at Milan Fashion Week this Wednesday. “We like to play at Diesel and we take it seriously,” he said. glen Martens, creative director, in a statement. “Have fun, respect each other, stay safe.”

The parade had themed pieces, such as a T-shirt in which the well-known “d” from the Diesel logo appears in the word “durex”, condom. After the fashion show, the brand said it would distribute 300,000 condoms in its stores around the world.

The collection explored themes of freedom, pleasure and experimentation, with models parading around the mountain of condoms, wearing low-waisted jeans or sheer lace. The techno that accompanied the presentation was interspersed with the sound of groans.

Exclusive PÚBLICO/Folha of São Paulo
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