The national government confirmed that has to assist more than 1,800,000 students kindergarten, primary and secondary level who had difficulty studying during the pandemic.

It was reported by the Minister of Education Nicolas Trotta presenting on Tuesday a program designed to promote the return of those who interrupted schooling since last year.

“This program promotes the presence of the school in the community by deploying different initiatives through articulated work between state spaces or civil society organizations at all levels. In this way, real opportunities are generated for all the students in the country ”, explained Trotta.

The minister presented the progress of “Accompany: Bridges of Equality”, whose objective is to ensure the permanence of students and promote the return of those who interrupted schooling during the time the classrooms were closed.

The national educational portfolio reported through a statement that the main objective of the program is “to go in search of those students whose educational paths have been affected by the pandemic and ensure their permanence in the educational system ”. With this focus, as detailed, more than $ 2 billion.

According to official numbers, of the more than 1.8 million students who required assistance, the 54% belongs to the secondary level, the 40% at the primary level and 6%, to the initial level.

The program has more than 10,900 teachers working in 16,000 schools and 2,500 community spaces. “The Comprehensive Approach Plan has four lines of action: accompaniment to educational trajectories, school reengagement, permanence in schooling at compulsory levels and graduation from the level studied,” they pointed out from the educational portfolio.

“We define the program politically and pedagogically as closeness, because what must happen within the framework of Accompany is a very careful and laborious pedagogical work. Now, what we have ahead of us is to deepen the actions that are underway to advance in a more precise characterization of the population that, within this universe, needs greater accompaniment as singularities, ”said Secretary of Education Marisa Díaz.

According to the data published in December 2020, 450,000 high school students had had zero or insufficient school participation, of which 190,000 had no contact with the school.

The City prepares a new bubble protocol in schools to avoid mass isolations

The return from face-to-face classes in the City of Buenos Aires, in a pandemic, it occurred under strict protocols aimed at preventing the possibility of contagion of coronavirus. In principle, it was under the modality of bubbles and since the winter holidays ended, that enclosure it became the entire course.

This year, face-to-face classes were completely resumed. (Photo: Télam).

In recent weeks, the number of isolated boys and teachers in schools increased because in the event of any suspicious symptoms, the entire grade complies with the indicated quarantine until it is certain. For this reason, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education confirmed that already a new protocol is ready with changes that make the definition of a suspected case more flexible and that the courses they should not interrupt care at the first symptom.

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