Diocese starts sick care project with 70 patients
Diocese starts sick care project with 70 patients

The Catholic Church started a project in San Pedro de Macorís to assist the mentally ill, at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Hospital, formerly Carl Theodore Gerog.
The center began medical assistance or therapies with 8 patients with mental disorders.

Monsignor Santiago Rodríguez Rodríguez, explained about the project and said he expected the support and backing of the authorities.

He asked that they embrace the project as if it were their own, since to deal with these patients who deserve humanitarian treatment, one must have the same love that the Father had for humanity.

He argued that it is very painful to see people wandering the streets without being able to do anything for them, but that, thank God, these people will have a place to be treated, on the second level of the Sacred Heart of Jesus hospital, former doctor Carl Theodore George from this city.

Governor Aracelis Villanueva, who was in charge of the words of exhortation, participated in the activity and promised to manage resources so that it works at full capacity.

The event to publicize the project took place on Sunday October 10, on the subject of World Mental Health Day.

Villanueva, called on the population to raise awareness, and the authorities to support this project, since she together with Monsignor Santiago Rodríguez Rodríguez, met with the first lady Raquel Albaje, on her visit to this city, where the project was presented to her, and she promised her support and endorsement.

The activity began with the words of blessing by the religious Alejandra Carmona, and then the Pastoral de la Parroquia del Quisqueya municipality, led by the young Dominga Santana, gave some explanations, and said that work is being done in said municipality excellent in favor of the mentally ill and currently assisting 70 people.

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