Director of Banco Nación proposed creating a currency that is not convertible to the dollar

At the same time, he detailed his proposal: “A currency that has all the functions, except that it cannot be exchanged for a dollar”. “If you combine this with better exchange regulations and a different discussion of the price system, we can have a different discussion of economic recovery,” he argued.



In addition, he specified that “the impact on the exchange rate is not generated by those who receive the Emergency Family Income.” “In any case, the expansion of consumption that this can generate may imply an absorption of concentrated groups that speculate with the exchange rate,” he explained.

Regarding the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO, he said: “There is a cocktail where anger is mixed, disappointment. It is something that we have registered in some tours in the neighborhoods. It is something that you can see when walking through the neighborhoods.”

“In that sense, the most important thing is that in order for us to regain space, there must be listening. There must be a substantive change in the direction of management,” he said.

In addition, the economist insisted on discussing exchange regulations: “It cannot be only with a financial alchemy with the purchase and sale of bonds where I also spend reserves. We must discuss the parallel markets of the dollar. We must see if it makes sense to keep them the same way. in which they are working “.

“Since October last year, the level of fiscal adjustment was not compatible with a society like the one we have,” Lozano said, adding: “I do not believe that a universal income can not be financed. It is debatable that the subsidies cannot be debated. “

“We must modify the conditions of inequality. If we do not modify the distribution of income, the market for the rich is very small. We must think about social control, sit down all the actors to stop the abuses of the dominant position”, concluded.

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