Disappeared Guanajuato: Forensic Crisis Affects State Due to Increase in Disappearances

Guanajuato.- On Guanajuato there is a high number of unreported disappearances, which almost equals the number of those that do have a complaint and there is also a forensic crisis that is not recognized by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

This is detailed by members of Platform for Peace and Justice in a report they delivered to the Committee against Enforced Disappearances of the United Nations (UN) on your visit to Guanajuato.

The 25-page document takes up the panorama of the disappearance in the entity, figures and actors, talks about the patterns of the phenomenon, denounces the existence of a forensic crisis and issues conclusions.

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The platform estimated that, by 2017 Guanajuato, the percentage of crimes that were not reported or that did not lead to an investigation folder was 92%. Considering this data and the most up-to-date number of missing persons, which is 2,619 according to the National Registry of Missing and Uncharted Persons, the black figure would be 2,400 more cases.

In other words, the estimates of the platform and the search groups of people in Guanajuato indicate that the number of disappearances could be twice what is officially recognized.

“It should also be noted that there is an important black figure, although difficult to estimate accurately, regarding disappearances, since we have information from the groups that many families do not report due to fear, threat, ignorance or hostility of The authorities”, says the document.

On this same issue, activists point out that the figures from the National Search Commission disagree with those delivered by the Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office through its Information Access Unit.

According to State Prosecutor’s Office has a location rate of 97.41% out of a total of 21 thousand 418 investigations opened for the disappearance of people from 2020 until October 2021, which would mean that in Guanajuato There would only be 554 missing persons in the state.

“The data is not realistic, and it is much lower than that of federal sources and that transmitted by the State Commission for the Search for Persons, which counts 1,131 missing persons in Guanajuato, only between June 2020 and 10/31/2021 … . we do not have a local public version of the State Registry of Missing and Unavailable Persons and there is no way to further corroborate the data “, they regret.

Prosecutor’s Office does not recognize it

The platform reported to the committee its concern about the existence of a forensic crisis that has not been recognized by the State Attorney General, since until October 2020 it had not recognized the existence of clandestine graves.

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And it is that they detailed that the FGE It has also recognized that 516 buried bodies have not been identified in the forensic or ministerial pantheon that has operated since October 2020 and also from January 2012 to 2020 has a record of the burial of 825 unidentified corpses in mass graves (municipal pantheons).

“Hand in hand with the escalation of intentional and culpable homicides in the entity, whose figures and classifications have also raised controversies, disappearances and the discovery of clandestine graves have increased exponentially, phenomena that have been shown to be reciprocally linked, thus accounting for the systemicity and generalization of violence in general, but above all of a pattern of serious human rights violations and, in particular, of forced disappearances “, they indicated.

They also maintained that the concern expressed by the groups is that there is no data from previous periods, nor is the situation known for certain in terms of digital registration, DNA samples and basic files of these bodies for their collation and identification.

“There have been constant, numerous and repeated complaints of cases of unjustified delays and delays in the delivery of the bodies by the Forensic Medical Services to their relatives, who have searched for them for months to finally come to know that from a very short time after their disappearance they were already in a facility and were not notified.

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