Disappeared in Guanajuato: Deputies refuse to receive relatives of victims

Guanajuato, Guanajuato.- Deputies of the Board of Government and Political Coordination refused to receive representatives of groups and the Platform for Peace and Justice in the local Congress, they asked for a meeting with the parliamentary coordinators for present reform proposals related to disappeared in Guanajuato.

The president of the Governing Board, the PAN deputy Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres, rejected this possibility and decided to channel the request to the commissions However, the answer letter does not refer to what these are.

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Raymundo Sandoval Bautista, of the Platform for Peace, regretted the closure of the leader of the deputies of the National Action Party, but said that the groups are prepared to dialogue, even in these conditions.

The Platform for Peace rejects the position of Luis Ernesto Ayala, it seems to us that it is a double speech, because on the one hand they tell us that they are going to dialogue, they deny that they have received the agenda Which is a lie, and when it comes to receiving the groups they send it to commissions, it seems to us that it is a bad signal”, He stressed.

Relatives of victims of disappearance have found clandestine graves in the Guanajuato countryside.

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The platform promotes changes to the Victims Law, to Search Law Yet the Organic Law from State Prosecutor’s Office, among other. Among the proposals stands out the allocation of more funds for the Victims Commission and its fund and the increase in sanctions for assaults or homicides against seekers.

Unofficially, it is known that the only parliamentary coordinator who agreed to the meeting was that of the PRI, Alejandro Arias Avila.

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