discontent is growing among the staff of the Jolimont hospital

A strike movement will be launched this Thursday, October 14 at the Jolimont Hospital in La Louvière. This will affect the operating room where a minimum service will be set up to ensure vital interventions.

According to a press release from SETCa, the left-wing union of executives and employees, everything started with a good intention since it was the hiring of nurses assigned to the operating room by the management of the establishment last July. . But according to union officials, it quickly became clear that the six new employees hired immediately benefited from advantages that their colleagues who had been in place for several years had not. The SETCa Center therefore met the director of human resources and the head of nursing at the hospital to discuss the demands made by the workers in the block. This involved recognition of their seniority at 150% as well as a loyalty bonus equivalent to that granted to newcomers or an increase in their hardship bonus to 11% of gross salary. The management, not opposed in principle, asked for time in order to be able to budget for the union’s request.

The proposals raised by management during a meeting with staff representatives on September 24 did not, according to its latest, respond to the workers’ request. Suddenly, a notice was filed and a first day of strike will take place on October 14 in the operating room of the Louviérois site.

In the meantime, the unease has spread. Because, according to SETCa, it is not only the fight of a department but that of all the workers of the Jolimont group who have been waiting for months for a valuation for the work accomplished.

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