Disgusting Sex Confession: What You Probably Didn't Want To Know About Will Smith

While many stars are intent on keeping their private lives really private, Hollywood actors leave Will Smith (53) dealt with information quite freely.

In his biography “WILL: Die Autobiografie” he describes how he sought “refuge in shopping and unbridled sex” after an unhappy childhood sweetheart. He became a “ghetto hyena”.

Vomiting after orgasm

“I’ve had sex with so many women, but deep down I hated it that I developed a psychosomatic response to my own orgasms. I choked and sometimes vomited,” said Smith.


“Every time I prayed to God that this beautiful stranger would be the one who loves me and makes the pain go away. But there I was, invariably choking and dog-miserable. And the look in the women’s eyes only deepened my agony.”

Open marriage

He now has an open marriage Jada Pinkett Smith (50) who just doesn’t believe in a conventional marriage. “Will and I often talk about our trip together. We met very young, at the age of 22,” she recently explained on her Facebook talk show. Because only good communication would give you the satisfaction you feel from your partner Wife wishes she is safe.

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