dismantling of a network of migrant smugglers in the Channel

Fifteen traffickers from several countries and members of a network have been arrested for smuggling hundreds of migrants to Britain, AFP learned Monday from a police source.

This network, made up of Iraqi-Kurds, Romanians, Pakistanis and Vietnamese, went to look for migrants in camps in Great-Synthe (North) and made them cross to Great Britain by boat.

These boats were transported to the French coast from China via Turkey and then Germany. According to the survey started in October 2020, the network passed “at least 250 people per month“, or 4 boats, of type”zodiac“, which can carry around 60 people.

All of these people paid a “pack“of 6,000 euros to reach Britain and the traffickers have accumulated around 3 million euros in profits, according to the Central Office for the Suppression of Irregular Immigration and the Employment of Untitled Foreigners (Ocriest).

As the investigation progressed, the network became industrialized. It was a network of well-hardened and organized criminals thanks to the complicity of drivers, occult bankers and people who detected the police beacons.“, explained Xavier Delrieu, the head of Ocriest in charge of the investigation.

Tuesday, in connection with the Raid and the BRI, fifteen people were arrested, approximately 40,000 euros were seized in cash.

Asked by AFP, the Dunkirk prosecutor’s office did not immediately follow up. According to the maritime prefect of the Channel and the North Sea, Philippe Dutrieux, 31,500 attempts to leave for Great Britain have been recorded and 7,800 people have been rescued since the beginning of the year, figures which have doubled since August .

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