Disney + sings Get Back, with Beatles docu-series trailer

A three-part doc by Peter Jackson, who will show behind the scenes of the recording of the band’s last album, in 1969 …

Be careful, you will be humming Let it Be all day after seeing that … Disney + will broadcast the event documentary series on November 25 Get Back, dedicated to the Beatles. More specifically, the recording of the very last Fab Four album in 1969. The trailer alone is already great:

The three-part doc is straight from Peter Jackson, who collected nearly 60 hours of unseen footage and over 150 hours of audio, shot and recorded in January 1969 by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, on movie sets in Twickenham and in the makeshift Apple Corps studio, during Beatles rehearsal and recording sessions. The album Let It Be, the group’s twelfth and last original album, was released in 1970.

While Yoko Ono is already very present, the legend says that this final recording was very tense. The archive images show that the reality was very different …

Get Back will return in the wake of this legendary concert given on the roof of the Savile Row building on January 30, 1969. Lasting 42 minutes, this ultimate Beatles performance will be shown in its entirety in the docu-series.

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