AMD introduces the cheap Radeon RX 6600. Tests are available from around the world

Attempts to increase the memory capacity of graphics cards have occurred in the past and have been relatively successful. This time, the success was achieved by an experienced Russian do-it-yourselfer with the nickname VIK-on, who also managed the same “upgrades” on other graphics cards.

The latest attempt was made on an older GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, specifically on the Asus RTX 2060 Turbo model, which has 6 GB of memory as standard. To replace the existing 1GB memory chips, he chose the 2GB chips of the Samsung K4ZAF325BM-HC14, which are compatible. Compatibility must be taken into account, as support may vary depending on the variant of the same graphics card model.

Using heating and a soldering iron, he removed the original chips from the board around the graphics chip and replaced them with those with a higher capacity. Of course, this is a very risky matter and you definitely need to have experience with this type of exchange, because it involves a lot of precise steps (each chip has a pile of pins and everything has to fit to solder properly). In the graphics card bios and in the tests, a new increased memory capacity of 12 GB for graphics finally appeared.

And why more capacity? The original 6 GB is already a limitation in many games, which causes large performance drops with higher image and texture quality settings. This is also the reason why Nvidia comes with models of previously introduced graphics cards, but with a larger memory capacity. But if you are really good and have the tools to do so, you can risk such an upgrade yourself.

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